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The off-plan projects refer to the projects/properties that are still under construction and not completed yet or the construction not started yet. The completion and handover date are announced by the developer/owner.

You just need to discuss with us and explain us your requirements and leave us to find you the dream home.

YES. You just need to trust us.

ALL Kinds of Luxury Properties.

Aloud Properties is a real estate agency that cares all our clients’ matters, listen to our clients, understand all the requirements, give the direct and honest advices, Do the best to close the deal smoothly and safely, and gaining our clients satisfaction.

In Brief, Aloud properties is a reliable agency that you can depend on it in Dubai.

The buyer is eligible for UAE investor visa if his total investment is more than AED 1 million.

Yes, We can find you your apartment abroad.

Investing in real estate in Dubai provides an opportunity to get the maximum profit, as housing and commercial premises in this mega-popular city among expats and travelers are profitable. The UAE is the point where the interests of people from all over the world converge.

Dubai is the investment center of the Middle East, a place with the safest environment for investment. The city is the leader in the top investment attractiveness with property for investment among other countries. A favorable geographical location, Dubai investment properties, a rapidly developing segment of commerce and technology, and many business benefits attract the largest companies from all over the world. A potential investor can find different types of housing to invest his capital with different property prices and ways of earning.

You should the trusted real estate company.

If buying a property is through the real estate company and is from the developer/owner, the sales purchase agreement is signed “SPA”. This SPA has all the agreed terms and conditions about the sale transaction. All the rights are reserved.

Yes, You can mortgage a property in Dubai. We can help you.

No, If you are a resident abroad, You don’t have to pay any tax.

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